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  • Do you teach printmaking?
    Bleu Pallette in Sycamore, Illinois will host classes! I teach relief printmaking in woodblock, linoleum, and for very young children safe alternative technique is available. For private lessons in in my home studo, please go to the contact page of this website and let me know you're interested. I'll PM you with dates, times, fees, etc. Please note: In my home I will instruct adults only due to the sharp tools and toxic products involved. I am looking forward to opening a community print shop in the future.
  • Will you come to lecture or provide demonstrations at my business or organization?
    I would love to spread all the art goodness I can! I consider myself an arts advocate and welcome any and all opportunities to speak about the advanages of art, arts education, and printmaking. Please message me via my contact form to schedule a date and time and to negotiate fees.
  • Dude! I love your work and want to invite you to a show/exhibit!
    Sweet! Please message me directly regarding the opportunity! Depending on my schedule and availability, I'd love to come to your show or exhibit!
  • Where do you sell originals of your work?
    Currently I sell only in Door County, Wisconsin, USA. I am open to opportunities in other locations. Message Plum Bottom Gallery Plum Bottom Gallery Original Gallery: 4999 Plum Bottom Road Egg Harbor, WI 54209 920.743.2819 Plum Bottom Gallery Downtown Egg Harbor 7813 State Hwy 42 Egg Harbor, WI 54209 920.868.5102
  • Commissions, Licensing, and Agents"
    Commissions: Sometimes a piece of artwork requires a bit more personalization for your home or as a gift. When you like an artist's work, you also need something that reflects your individual needs. As both a fine artist, graphic designer, and illustrator, I understand that and will be happy to work with you. There are two levels of pricing. Choice One: If you would like your artwork created as a one-of-a-kind-piece, then the artwork will be priced as if it were an entire edition. Additionaly, if an entire edition is created soley for your purposes, the artwork is priced by the number in the edition. For example: if you would like to give all 300 of your wedding guests an original print, that will be priced differently than if you chose to give your wedding party of 20 the same original print as a gift. Choice Two: If the subject matter is considered saleable to others, I will create an entire edition—of which you will have first choice. For either choice, the copyright remains with me as the artist. It will not be reproducable without a signed contract from me. I will be able to use it in my portfolio of work as well as online. Licensing & Agents: Please contact my agent, Chad Luberger, directly at 920.743.2819 or chad [at] Please be able to answer
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