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Product Design Made Me Try

I want energy drinks from time to time for a boost. Last weekend when I went to purchase my regular bullish drink, I came across this stuff, Uptime. "Yeah, I'll try it," I thought.

The taste was good, but the thing I was most impressed about was the design: a tall sleek bottle made of a heavier metal gave a sense of legitimacy. Clean design. Simple infographics everyone could understand regardless of language: mind, body, energy. The entire bottle design uses just two colors. A white bottle is now a symbol for sugar-free options, but white also means fresh, clean, and pure.

Look at the logo. It is made of a water droplet, upwards arrow, "U" as the negative space. The sides of the water droplet create a kind of parenthesis showing to take time out for you ("U", get it?) It is brilliant!

Good job, Uptime Designer, good job. I noticed. So was it me that wanted to try something new, or was it the design that subconsciously called out to me?

I'm not being paid to say this, it is just genuinely good design that I saw on my daily jaunt through life.









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