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Time to Recharge: Sketching Plein Air 

Taking time to recharge is important for every artist. Burnout it real, people!

I draw energy from being surrounded by trees and grasses and water. Quiet. No human sound except the rhythm of my breathing and heartbeat, birds singing, and water lapping on the shore.

Today, my 52nd birthday, I chose to spend sketching outdoors alone, just me and my dog. It was a glorious three hours and very freeing to be by myself. The infj introvert that I am was able to relax not having to be rushed because I was thinking about what others need or want.

How do you reinvigorate your spirit?

Whatever you need to reinvigorate, recharge, and renew; give yourself permission to take time for yourself so that you have stored up reserves to get you through the challenging times in your life.

In the future, I can calm my mind by going back to these three hours. Back to breathing the fresh air, hearing songbirds + waves, sitting on weathered wood of the dock, and petting the sun-warmed face of my dog as the water sparkles like diamonds. Ahhh. Relaxation. Now back to the real world.


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