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Designing for Print


Crop Care






This project was created as a spec.

Design is visual problem-solving. It is listening to the client, understanding their goals, and working with them to develop the best possible solution with quantifiable results. See my work by clicking on the images below. I've made these people happy and by working together you will be happy, too! 

Michigan Tech University

Aerial, Dance, & Flying Workshop




The client wanted a bright, colorful attention getting poster. While being text heavy against the designer's preference, it is successful in conveying the important information from a distance.


I advised the client that there was quite a bit of text to fit in a poster/mailer. A poster should simply create interest and send viewers to a website for complete information. Their decision was to keep it in its entirety. Their decision was right for them and I honor my clients while counseling them on standard practices. 

Your Resource for Living



I've had the pleasure of designing a community magazine for over 10 years. I began with  designing the overall concept and structure of the magazine and gradually updated the style and format over the years. 

Byers Brewing Company

Print Advertising

This client was a startup and was not familiar with the process of design. With some helpful professional suggestions we decided to create coordinating social media posts as well as a Facebook event cover graphic. I also advised checking in with the local chamber of commerce for additional (free) advertising. Four color variations were created in order to keep the message engaging, appearing "new"each time a person viewed the information.

Door County
Potters' Guild


The client provided the color palate and photographs while I created the peninsula and map as a vector. All the information was laid out in InDesign. For a full view of the rack card, please click on the image. 

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